If you don’t have a suitable notebook handy, you can buy these custom made dream journals on Amazon pretty cheaply. They have a special area on each page for you to sketch out your dream scenes – alongside the notes – which is really cool!

Dreams fade quickly on awakening so you need to write them down as soon as you wake.

If you get up, walk around and start talking about other things, it will cause motor neurons to fire in your brain. This is what “overwrites” the memory of the dream. So be ready to jot down a few details first thing.

Step 2 – Note down the date of your dream. Then write down everything you can remember. Write everything in the present tense (eg “I am walking down the street when a frog jumps out of the bushes”). This helps with remembering dreams by putting you in the moment.

Step 3 – Identify dream themes. Think about the location, characters, sensations, sounds, objects and emotions of the dream. Underline key themes that may help with interpreting dreams (eg, “the frog is sad because he knows a drought is coming”).

You may want to analyze the themes and fully interpret your dream. Otherwise, continue to write down all the memorable details in your dream journal.

Anything that you can associate with established neural patterns is also important (eg, you feel protective over a puppy). This may be a dream symbol or concept that represents a real life issue.

Step 4 – Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation and grammar. As long as you can read it back later and it still makes sense, you are fine.

Step 5 – Sketch any strong images from the dream. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist. A sketch is just to help you visualize the dream later on.

Step 6 – When you have finished, jot down any major life issues that are going on right now. For instance, you may be suffering from a broken heart. Over time, you will be able to link your unconscious dream symbols with real life issues.

Step 7 – Give the dream an appropriate title. Nothing flashy, just something to remember it by. If you became lucid at any point in the dream, write “L” for lucid in a circle by the title. Identify what caused you to become lucid (unless it was a WILD).

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