When we meet someone, our hands are the first thing that get noticed, and nails make a major part of the nails. Bad nails can destroy the entire touch and look of your hands. They might be made up of the dead cells, but they do require some gentle care.

Follow these simple routine tips to get those healthy nails!

First thing first; never keep your nails dirty. Not only do dirty nails look unattractive, they are unhealthy too. Dirty nails are a host for fungal infections which can, later on, damage your nails and fingers permanently. Use the tip of the nail filler to gently remove the dirt.

Always trim your nails and make the edges round. Square nails may be in fashion, but they chip off very easily. Round nails are easy to maintain and last longer. Also, make sure that your nails do not have any breaks. If so, do not be faint-hearted while cutting them.

Massaging the cuticles promote blood flow in that area, which is essential for healthy nail growth as the nails grow just under the cuticles. Lightly massage the cuticles and using a cuticle remover, cut off the dead cuticles. It will make your nails grow faster.

Using almond or olive oil, massage the entire surface of your nails including the cuticles. The natural oils provide your nails adequate strength and shine to the nails. Make sure that the oils are of good quality.

Do not let the old nail paints stay on for a very long time. It can make the nail appear yellowish. Whenever the nail paint starts to chip off, remove it using a nail paint remover. If you want to use dark colours, apply¬†a base coat first so that the dark colour doesn’t come in direct contact of the nail.

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