Many women hold celebrities as their ultimate fashion icons, but at times these gorgeous divas can also commit some major beauty blunders. Trust us, it is not just limited to unflattering lip colours or dripping eyeliners, it is about getting back to the basics that these stars miss out on!

Therefore, before you decide to copy the look of your favourite B-town celebrity, check out how some of them have failed miserably at keeping up with their stylish persona. These are some blunders that you should choose to stay away from. Scroll down to know them and find out how you can easily avoid these disasters.

No, it is not the camera flash that is shining here! It is actually all the excess oil and grease that is making them shine. Would you ever like to get caught with such an oil-wrapped face?

Save yourself: Blotting paper or a pack of wipes will easily come to your aid, but how about avoiding this blunder altogether? Always use good quality products that suit your skin type, and wear an oil-free foundation on a layer of face primer. Better still, stick to gel-based skin care products that will take care of your overactive oil glands.

Well, they might not necessarily be hairy as Julia Roberts’, but sporting underarm stubble or powdered armpits can safely be called a beauty crime when it comes to wearing sleeveless or strapless outfits.

Save yourself: Make sure, you don’t find yourself in such troubled waters. Wax or shave those underarms clean before wearing a sleeveless dress. You never know who is keeping an eye on you!

Quite unfortunate for this fashion diva to be appearing here, but we couldn’t help it. Her eyeshadow overload just looks messy. We wonder if she checked the mirror before stepping out! Or, maybe just decided to overdo it.

Save yourself: Always apply eyeshadow in moderation and work the brushes according to your eye shape. Also, it is important to use brushes, instead of fingers, while applying any eye makeup.

What is the first thing that you notice in these ladies? Ignore the rest of the bad makeup; just focus on the eyes. Scary, right? Well, it is quite understandable. When one teams up too much eye makeup with such light-coloured contact lenses, what else can you expect?

Save yourselfThis ghostly look can easily be avoided if you avoid choosing contact lenses in colours that are too light or, do not look naturally matching with your skintone and personality. Also, if you are naturally light-eyed, avoid too many colours in your eye makeup.


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